Our Services

RSVP Development

Our individually designed solutions are meticulously created to be adaptive across devices, meeting and exceeding the unique specifications of each client. Our offerings are comprehensive, designed to encapsulate every conceivable need for an event's digital interface, including but not limited to:

Exclusive Invitation and Open Registration Options: Whether your event is by invitation only or open to the wider public, we provide tailored access solutions.

Customised Email Communications: Enhance your engagement with fully personalised email interactions for every attendee.

Versatile Event Types: From single, standalone events to multi-location roadshows and webinars, our platforms support an array of event formats. (*Integration with Microsoft Teams for webinars is available to offer seamless connectivity.*)

Booking Flexibility: Cater to individual preferences or group bookings with equal ease.

Dynamic Breakaway Sessions: Offer attendees a rich, engaging experience with multi-track sessions.

Comprehensive Management Pages: Effortlessly manage sponsor, speaker, and agenda details from a single platform.

Advanced Ticketing and Payment Solutions: From ticket issuance to secure payment processing and voucher redemption, we've got it covered.

Financial Document Handling: Simplify your event's financial administration with our invoicing and credit note functionality.

Travel Coordination: Elevate the attendee experience with integrated travel logistics.

Personalised Calendar Integration: Ensure attendees never miss a moment with custom add-to-calendar features.

Engagement and Feedback Tools: Deploy surveys and collect invaluable feedback efficiently.

CPD Certification: Generate and distribute CPD certificates to attendees, adding value to their experience.

Engaging Digital Environments: From animated to interactive and gamified website designs, we create captivating online spaces that resonate with your audience.

In pursuit of excellence, we encourage detailed briefs to fully understand your vision and requirements. This collaborative approach enables us to recommend and implement the most effective, cost-efficient strategies for your event's digital landscape.

Let Virtual Creations be your partner in elevating your event's digital experience, crafting a seamless, engaging, and memorable journey for every participant.

Onsite Accreditation Services

At Virtual Creations, we understand the importance of efficient and seamless event accreditation. Our comprehensive suite of onsite accreditation services is designed to ensure a smooth, engaging, and professional experience for both organisers and attendees. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we offer the following services to elevate your event:

Custom Accreditation Badges: Design and production of various accreditation badges tailored to different attendee types, such as VIPs, speakers, delegates, and exhibitors. This enhances both security and event branding.

Onsite Badge Printing: Immediate, high-quality printing of accreditation badges onsite, facilitating smooth check-ins and last-minute registrations.

iPad Check-in Solutions: Utilization of iPads for a seamless check-in experience, enabling quick registration, information verification, and badge distribution.

Software and Hardware Integration: Provision of complete solutions that include both software for registration and scheduling and the necessary hardware for onsite deployment, such as iPads, printers, and scanners.

QR Code Registration Solutions: Implementation of QR codes for easy registration and check-in, allowing attendees to quickly access their event details and streamline entry processes. QR Codes can be SMS'd or emailed to guests to enhance their registration experience.

Barcode Scanning: Use of barcode scanning technology for efficient attendee tracking, check-in, and access control, ensuring a smooth flow of participants through event entry points.

Self-Registration Software: Provision of self-service software where attendees can check in onsite and print their own accreditation to avoid queues.

Real-Time Attendee Tracking: Advanced solutions for real-time tracking of attendee movements, enabling precise crowd management and enhanced safety measures.

Bespoke Onsite Software Solutions: Development of custom software solutions to address specific onsite accreditation needs, ensuring a streamlined and efficient event management process.

Highlighted Custom-Made Solutions

In our commitment to addressing the specific challenges and requirements of our clients, we have developed several solutions:

Onsite Meeting Scheduler with SMS Reminders: A specialised system for designated meeting areas or pods, facilitating advanced booking and sending SMS reminders to optimise the event schedule.

Vendor Voucher Redemption system: An innovative solution allowing vendors to scan a guest's QR code to redeem meal vouchers, featuring real-time reconciliation for easy budget tracking and financial management.

Kid-Scan System: A safety-oriented system for events involving children, equipping them with wristbands that carry QR codes or detailed printouts of their parent's contact information for quick access by security personnel.

Our comprehensive and customisable approach ensures that each event is not only seamless and efficient but also provides a unique and memorable experience for all participants, underscored by our dedication to innovation and excellence in event management solutions.

Additional Services

At Virtual Creations, we extend our innovative technology solutions beyond event RSVP and onsite accreditation systems to encompass a wide range of additional services, ensuring we meet all our clients' digital needs.

Microsites: Creation of microsites that can include post-event content libraries as well as question submissions to speakers prior to the event day. These microsites serve as dedicated online spaces for specific marketing campaigns, events, or educational content, offering a targeted user experience.

Interactive and Animated Content Websites: Development of websites featuring engaging interactive and animated content, designed to captivate and inform your audience, enhancing user engagement and communication.

Web-based Mobile Applications: Design and development of web-based mobile applications that can include features such as polling, voting, questions submitted to speakers, and breakaway session bookings. These applications are designed to enhance attendee engagement and interaction during events.

Custom Enterprise Software Solutions: Tailored software development commissioned by organisations to address their specific internal requirements, enhancing operational efficiency and workflow through customised HR systems, policy mapping tools, booking systems, and more.

Adhoc Mailer Distribution: Provision of adhoc mailer distribution services, not linked to any RSVP system, for targeted communication purposes. This service allows for the efficient dissemination of information to a broad audience.

Bulk SMS Service: Offering bulk SMS services for effective and immediate communication with your audience, ideal for event reminders, promotional messages, or important announcements.

Submission Portals for Awards and Competitions: Creation of submission portals designed to facilitate the submission process for awards and competitions, making it easier for participants to enter and for organisers to manage entries.

Each of these services is designed with the same attention to detail and client-focused approach that defines all our work at Virtual Creations, ensuring that whatever your digital need, we have the solution to help you achieve your goals.