RSVP Registration Process Demo

Thank you for taking the time to view our RSVP Demo site. Please click on the button below to start the demo.
*Note: No data captured during the demo process will be saved
Step 1
The RSVP journey starts when guests receive an email invitation in their inbox.
Email artwork can be customised as per your requirements.

You can click on the button in the email below to go the registration form.
Step 2
Guests first validate their Email addresses in order to register.

Please provide your email address to start your registration
Please enter your email address e.g.
Step 3
Guests complete their registration form.
Auto Fill
Please enter your First name e.g. Joe
Please enter your Surname e.g. Soap
Please provide your Company name e.g. ACME Inc
Please enter your Email address e.g.
Please enter your Mbile number e.g. 0823456789

Step 4
Guests see a confirmation page after registration.
Dear Joe Soap,

Thank you for completing your registration to confirm your attendance at our event.

We look forward to hosting you on Saturday, 24 February 2024 at our exiting event!

Kind regards
The Virtual Creations Team
Proceed to final step
Step 5
The RSVP journey ends when guests receive an email confirmation in their inbox.